Dr. sc. Tamara Prevendar


I am a licensed psychologist and a psychotherapist in training at the stage All-But-Dissertation.

I have a master degree in psychology from University of Zagreb and a doctorate in psychotherapy science from Sigmund Freud University Vienna. I have a post-graduate training in gestalt psychotherapy from IGW Zagreb.

I have 12 years of work experience as a school psychologist. I started providing psychotherapy with adolescents and adults 8 years ago, as part of fulfilling my obligations for the completion of the training in gestalt psychotherapy. I do all psychotherapeutic work under supervision.

In addition to working in private practice, I am a lecturer of Psychology and Psychotherapy Science at Sigmund Freud University Ljubljana and Vienna and school counsellor at Blagoje Bersa Music School Zagreb.

I generally practice gestalt psychotherapy, but also integrate other therapeutic modalities that I have knowledge in. I am flexible and tailor my approach to suit the needs of each client. I will always consider the potential risks and contraindications of the way I work and discuss any such possibility with the client.

My work is informed by my experience and the latest in evidence based research. 

My therapeutic approach is warm and open.

I work with adolescents and adults.